About us


Catramp SA was created in 2012 by Cameroonian entrepreneurs in order to accompany national and international economic operators in their evolution both internationally and locally.

Catramp is today among the best in its sector. For a win-win partnership, it is at the centre of National and international transactions with large, small and medium-sized enterprises. The quality of its human and material resources allow it to accompany with satisfaction and expertise its partners and this as soon as possible.

To accompany its customers, Catramp has an impressive logistical park, consisting of:

  • Trucks
  • Trailer
  • Miscellaneous tonnage handling machinery and equipment

A secure storage space for goods in conventional and/or containerized is also made available to our customers.

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Our partners

  • dhl
  • rtc
  • sgs
  • sepbc
  • douanes